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ECW: Spike Dudley vs. Raven [w/ Lupus]: (04.26.97) - Raven was getting punished through most of the match while his sidekick Lupus picked his nose at ringside. Eventually Raven puts Spike away with the DDT.

WINNER: Raven via pinfall.

ECW: Big Stevie Cool vs. Raven: (04.25.97) - ECW is in Waltham, MA tonight at IBEW Hall as Raven takes on his former sidekick once again. They went at it with chairs and all the usual hardcore plunder but Raven comes out on top once again due to his devastating DDT for the pinfall.

Afterwards, the BWO destroys Raven's sidekick Lupus for good measure; Meanie hits him with a Meaniesault and squashes the poor schmuck.

WINNER: Raven via Pinfall.

ECW TV: Raven/Stevie Richards Promos: (04.24.97) - Comments from Raven about how now he has nothing, he has no conscience and he has nothing else to live for, except to take Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer to the pain, he wants Stevie Richards to come back, he's proud of Stevie, he's earned his keep - time for one final mission, to take the Funker out and kill the dream. All is forgiven - he says to Richards.

Comments from Richards, he'll never forgive Raven, every victory he scores is a victory against all those the picked him last against the girls that ridiculed him in high school, those that say Stevie Richards will not amount to anything, that Raven made him feel that he was picked last in life, he was the one that Stevie wasn't going to amount to anything, every wrestler he StevieKicks is a victory over Raven, jealously has many faces, none wear a smile.

ECW: Raven Involvement: King of The Hill Battle Royale: (04.19.97) - Involved in the Battle Royal were: Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Spike Dudley, Taz, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, The Pitbulls, The Bad Crew, The Lost Boys, Corporal Punishment, Axl Rotten, Chris Chetti, Lance Storm, Raven, Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy, Hollywood Nova, The FBI, Tommy Dreamer and Louie Spicoli.

The first 2 wrestlers in the ring were Taz and Sabu. They proceeded to pound on one another for 5 minutes until Rob Van Dam entered the ring. Van Dam and Sabu worked on Taz together and then Louie Spicoli came down. He also went after Taz. Finally Taz got some help when Tommy Dreamer entered the ring. The evntual winner of the match was Big Stevie Cool when he superkicked Raven over the top rope.

Big Stevie Cool vs. Raven [w/ Lupus] - Stevie started the match by asking Raven how his chin felt (a reference to how Stevie won the Battle Royal earlier in the night). The match was quick paced with Raven and Stevie pounding on one another. Raven was setting Stevie up for a loss when he called for one of his new flunkies, Lupus, to get him a chair.

A fan in the 2nd row proceeded to throw a chair into the ring and caught Raven in the mouth with the leg of the chair.Raven didn't look happy. He did get ahold of a chair and used it against Stevie. Raven eventually won the match. Afterward, Lupus was in the ring getting a blow-up doll he had left in the ring while the BWO was regrouping.

WINNER: Raven via Pinfall.

ECW: Big Stevie Cool vs. Raven: (04.17.97) - In his first match after losing the ECW World Heavyweight Title at ECW Barely Legal on PPV, Raven takes on his treacherous ex-lackey Stevie Richards in a singles bout. Stevie comes out as Big Stevie Cool of the Blue World Order. Raven handily puts him away with a DDT.

WINNER: Raven via Pinfall.

ECW Barely Legal: ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk vs. Raven [w/Lupus, Big Dick Dudley, Spike Dudley, Brian Lee & Reggie Bennett]: (04.13.97) - Prior to the match, Raven cuts a promo how many are watching to see a 53 year old has-been regain his glory by beating the Raven, but for those people there are many more raising their arms in a Crucifix to see Raven remain victorious.

Terry Funk wins a three way dance against Stevie Richards and The Sandman to challenge Raven for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Funk had wrestled for over 30 minutes and was now taking on a fresh Raven. Raven comes in with the ECW Title and poses with it as he comes into the ring. Raven comes in and stands over Terry Funk. Raven stomps Funk and tells him to get up as Raven holds the ECW Title. Raven grabs it and runs and slams it into Funk's head. Raven gets a chair and sets it up in the ring. He then whips Funk into the ropes and drops him onto the steel chair with a drop toehold. Raven grabs the chair and folds it up and whacks a prone Funk over the head with it. Funk is on the ground literally gushing blood from the head. Raven kicks him in the head once again. The referees and Dr. Mark Allen are seeing if Funk can even continue. Raven continues to goad Funk. Raven charges up and stomps him in the head again. The doctors come in again to check on Funk as Raven drops in the corner and the crowd wildly chants for Tommy Dreamer to come down and fight Raven. Tommy promised Funk he wouldn't, so Dreamer is at the announce position. Raven pulls himself up and continues to destroy Funk. Raven gets on his knees and punches Funk in the face repeatedly. Funk punches the air blindly like a lame duck, while Raven stands there smugly, his wrist tape caked in Funk's own blood.

Raven then goes outside and sets up a table at ringside. He pulls Funk out of the ring with Mark Allen in tow and slams Funk with the table. Raven then sets up another table at ringside. He picks Funk and lays him on the table, blood oozing out of his head. Raven then pops inside the ring, runs against the ropes and does an over the top rope plancha on Funk through the table at ringside which promptly snaps in half with Funk on it. You can see blood stains on the table and on Funk's back. Raven tosses Funk back into the ring. Raven then calls out his nest to ringside.

Reggie Bennett, a female wrestler from All Japan then come sinto the ring and clocks Funk with a chair. She then grabs Funk and plants him with a Liger Bomb and runs out of the ring. Raven then comes into the ring and asks for a microphone to address Tommy Dreamer:

"I put Funk through three tables! I'm gonna end his comeback, his career and its gonna be right in front of your feet!"

Dreamer then drops his headset and makes his way towards the ring, goading Raven to coem up the announce position and fight him. Raven does the sign of the Crucifix and then turns back to further destroy Funk. Big Dick Dudley comes up behind Tommy and smashes a trash can over his head. Raven then DDT's the referee down below to further dismantle Terry. Sick intends to chokeslam Dreamer off the balcony. Dreamer reverses it, going through 3 tables to the crowd floor. The crowd starts screaming ECW. Raven waits for Tommy to make his way into the ring to take him out as well as Funk. Raven hits an irish whip, Dreamer turns it into a hiptoss and DDT for a deep impact on Raven. Dreamer then runs out of the ring and urges Funk to cover Raven, but only gets a 2 count. Raven pounds Funk some more and then sts up the DDT, but Funk turns it into a small package for the 3 count and Terry Funk dethrones Raven to becomes ECW World Heavyweight Champion!

WINNER and NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Terry Funk via Pinfall.

SEW: ECW World Heavyweight Championship: The Sandman vs. Raven: (04.07.97) - This is an indie fed called Southern Extreme Wrestling. The strains of The Offspring come through the speakers and the crowd pops big time as Raven comes to the ring. And, strangely, even though ECW has not been available in the area since Fox took over Sports South, most of the fans were quite familiar with Raven's gimmick -- cheering when he stretched his arms out to the side. But the loudest pop and first chant of the night were yet to come. As Raven climbed into the ring and his music faded, the Sandman's entrance music started up to a great reaction. Of course, his forehead was already scarred when he popped his first brew, poured about half of it down his throat and then smashed the can into his head several times. He repeated this twice more for two other areas of ringside, effectively blading himself, before stepping into the ring just as the song ended. All in all, an entrance that lasted well over five minutes and that did its job in hyping the crowd, who even started a "Sandman, Sandman" chant. The match as you might expect from these two veterans was very good. Both brawled all over the building and into the crowd. Raven retains the title when "Hot Chocolate" Kory Williams does a run in with a table and nails Sandman from behind.

WINNER and STILL ECW Champion: Raven via pinfall.

ECW: Raven Interference: Stevie Richards [w/ the Blue World Order] vs. Raven: (04.05.97) - As the match is about to start Raven comes out onto the stage, distracting Stevie just long enough for Lee to grab him and hit the Prime-Time Slam. Time of the match: roughly 5 seconds.

Raven [w/Lupus] & 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer [w/ Beulah McGillicutty] & Terry Funk - Raven comes out with a tall, gangly guy carrying a sex doll and picking his nose named Lupus; the obvious inference is that Raven can take any schmuck like he took Steve Richards and make the guy his flunky. Funk and Dreamer head out and immediately attack Raven and Douglas. They brawl for several minutes on the floor, then it settles into a regular tag match with Raven avoiding Funk at all costs. Dreamer gets beat on for a long heat segment; Funk tries to make the tag but JR Finnegan is suddenly a regular referee, stopping him from interfering as the heels keep a long chinlock on Dreamer. Funk finally gets the tag again, and the match reverts into a brawl. Funk gets dropped, but Shane and Raven start fighting over who makes the pin. Shane brings a chair into the ring and drops Dreamer's leg on it. He goes for it again as Raven turns his back to gloat, but Dreamer recovers and gets a rollup for the pin out of nowhere. Somewhere in the middle of this, Francine and Beulah get into another catfight. Dreamer and Funk corners Raven and slap a double spinning toehold on him. The unnamed woman that joined Raven at the last Arena show jumps onto Funk's back to stop him, and Dreamer responds by giving her the four-corner piledriver. Funk covers her for a three-count, and the show ends.

WINNERS: Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

ECW TV: Raven Promo: (04.01.97) - Comments from Raven next about Sandman and he talks about his other challengers for the belt, how he knows guys like Stevie from high school, that realization that no one really likes him, not being invited to parties, how he needed Raven to get him out of that mess, how he won't be a factor and won't make it through the three way dance. He talks about Terry Funk in saying that wrestling is sport for virile young men not sickly old fools. He says that he will carry Terry Funk in that match and make it one of the greatest matches in history and then take that away and realize that he can't defeat Raven and that all Raven's doing is tormenting him. He will look into Terry?s eyes and see his father and then also what lead to every beating that Raven took when he was a child. When he stops Terry's comeback he hurts his father, and as he forces Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman to show that he is the greatest wrestler in the world and show that to the world. Quote his father's son ... Nevermore.

Joey's back talking about Raven and saying how he's using these interviews to get some kind of psychological advantage and his problems dont give him the right to do what he did to Stevie to do what he did to Sandman and his family and also to almost hospitalize Terry Funk, the forefather of this company.

Raven & Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer - Back to the ring and Raven in the ring awaiting the partner the television champion, Shane Douglas as they take on the legend Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer. Terry starts off with the Franchise but he soon wants right at Raven and then Tommy gets tagged in and then Shane pins in Raven and once again we have Raven and Tommy Dreamer locking up again. As a hold gets broken, Raven spits right in Terry Funk's face. Dreamer tags Terry back in, but Raven is soon to tag Shane back in again and they lock up again.

Now its Douglas and Dreamer in the ring as Douglas goes downstairs on Dreamer, after that Douglas tags Raven back in and Tommy?s quick to tag Funk back in - but then Raven's back over to tag back in Douglas. Funk beginning to look pissed at this. Funk and Douglas lock up and Shane's chops send Terry out of the ring and now with him out of the ring, Dreamer's over to work on Douglas. All four men on the outside - Raven through the timekeepers table as from Dreamer, Funk piledrives Franchise on the concrete and then uses whats left of that table on him. Back in the ring, Terry gives Shane the rude awekening as Dreamer sends Raven through whats left of that table. Douglas with a frying pan in the ring working over Funk and Dreamer. Raven throws Dreamer outside as Funk and Douglas in the ring. Douglas now thrown out by Funker. Dreamer crotches Douglas and then works him over with the chair- Funk sends Shane over, but Dreamer gets him and soon all four take it all over the Golden Dome in Pittsburgh.

Douglas and Dreamer up the steps , but the bulldozer was waiting for him and gets Dreamer and sends him down those steps, it was a stinkin set up. Bulldozer with the trashcans working over Dreamer, just as Raven is about to be put in the spinning toe hold by Funk, he sees what's happening and then goes out to help Tommy out. Raven now out and wraps a chair around Funk's head. Back in the ring Raven with the spinning toe hold on Funk - Stevie Cool in to help out Funk connects with the StevieKick on Raven and then he StevieKicks Funk- Sandman's out- he canes Stevie and then Funk. Stevie and Raven fighting outside the ring Terry Funk still in the ring, but Douglas in there with him. Funk connects with a DDT on the Franchise. Dreamer puts Funk on top of Douglas, but Francine interceded and then brings Beulah into the ring.

Tommy gets Francine, he's about to give her the belly to belly but Douglas intercedes, then just as Douglas is about to pin Douglas, Raven throws Shane off and gets the pin on Dreamer.

WINNERS: Raven and Shane Douglas via Pinfall

We later go to Funk walking in on Raven and saying that he loves his old man, he calls Raven the wimpy little bastard, cause he don?t have it between his legs. Raven says he's not going to goad him into fighting. Funk tells him to shut up and that he doesn't have the balls - Raven wants Funk to get up and wants to gith now now as Raven kicking Funk and saying is that the best he?s got and the two are fighting now in the lockerroom area and most of the comments are bleeped, we leave as Funk is beating on Raven and pulling at Raven's leather jacket - Further adding more to the hopes that Terry wins that three way dance to get at Raven on Sunday night- April 13th.

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