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ECW Holiday Hell: Raven Involvement: Opening Promo w/Stevie Richards: (12.30.95) - Stevie Richards is out in the ring with fellow Nest member The Blue Meanie talking with Joey Styles about how he is now "Dancin" Stevie Richards, the original King of Swing, and its appropriate they're in Queens. Richards says it's so appropriate that they're in Queens and points to one person and says their obviously a transvestite, another person is a transsexual and then points to... Missy Hyatt. To show what a cool cat he is, he wants Missy Hyatt who is sitting at ringside to go out with him. Joey tries to ask Missy a question, but Stevie tries to pick her up; asking her if she'd like to join him in Raven's limo and find out what direction his sundial points to at noon. She says no, calls Richards a "clueless putz." Missy keeps shooting him down, until Stevie promises he can hook Missy up with the Raven. Missy suddenly perks up and tongues Stevie, telling him to give that to his boss Raven from her.

ECW #1 Contendership Match: Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer: This match is to decide the number one contender to the ECW World Title held by Sandman since Steve Austin's spot is open after leaving for the WWF. Stevie and the Meanie came out and Stevie makes excuses for Raven not fighting:

"Tommy, Tom Tom! Last night, in Glenolden, PA, Raven broke his... his... (Meanie whispers in his ear) Raven broke his leg."

Stevie says Meanie will wrestle for Raven. Tommy says it's bullshit, Raven's afraid to face him on his home turf. Meanie attack Dreamer, Tommy puts him down with a leaping DDT, Stevie attacks, he gets put down with a leaping DDT, Beulah comes in and gets spanked by Dreamer. Raven of course, comes out of nowhere and attacks Tommy. Meanie misses a nice moonsault, During the second referee bump, Beulah tries to spray something in Tommy's eyes, but sprays Raven who blidnly DDT's Stevie. Raven put Dreamer through a table. Raven gets the pin after which The Blue Meanie hits him with a moonsault.

WINNER: Raven via Pinfall.

Raven's Nest Activity: The Blue Meanie vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley - Stevie gets on the mic and tells Buh Buh that Raven is upset with them and if he can't beat Meanie, the Dudleys are fired. Buh Buh tells Stevie to go fuck himself. Meanie attacks Buh Buh. Buh Buh gets beat on for a bit, Meanie hits the moonsault. Buh Buh gets control, beats on the Meanie. Goes for the Buh Buh bomb, but sort of fucks it up. Buh Buh instead finishes with a top rope splash. Buh Buh gives Meanie another Top Rope Splash and Big Dick gives Meanie a chokeslam. Stevie comes back in the ring and tells the Dudleys they've always been #1 in Raven's stable. Forget about Meanie, he ain't shit. Stevie loves the Dudleys, Buh Buh, Sign Guy... and especially Big Dick." He sends them to the back to see Raven who wants to talk with them, they head down the aisle, but head back and Stevie sends them back, this time they leave. Once they're gone, Stevie yells "Oh! Meanie!" and goes and gives him a hug as he's sprawled out on the ground, Meanie grabs Stevie's ass.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Raven vs. The Sandman - Sandman comes out first, followed by Raven. During the prematch intros, Stevie gets the belt for the referee and starts posing with it on the apron while Woman and Sandman aren't looking. When Woman catches him see sends Sandman after him. Sandman chugs most of his beer, spits it out at Raven and Richards, then crushes the can on his head. After this, Stevie pulls out a beer and starts drinking it ... but spits it out after taking a few sips. Sandman hits the cane plancha on Raven. There's a ref bump, Stevie interferes, Woman comes in and canes him. Then she gives Raven a weak shot, Raven calls for another and then gets the cane. He acts as if he's going to hit Woman, but Sandman saves her only to take a few mean shots from Raven. At one point, Dreamer runs in, gets the cane and nails Raven, Steviw and Sandman. Beulah tries to make the save and receives yet another piledriver. The end comes when Sandman hits Raven with a top rope bulldog. Sandman rejoices as Stevie carries out Beulah.

WINNER and STILL ECW World Champion: The Sandman via Pinfall.

ECW: Raven [w/Beulah McGillicutty] & Stevie Richards [w/The Blue Meanie] vs. Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck: (12.28.95) - This was an ECW House Show in Glenolden, PA. The Blue Meanie is a Stevie Richards fan who hooked up with him at ECW N2R 95. He's a fat guy with a half shirt and daisy dukes with blue hair and painted on goggles resembling the Beatles' Yellow Submarine character. This was a falls-count-anywhere match. Lots of great work in this one, with brawling all over the gym. Dreamer dumped a loaded trash can over Stevie's head. It went outside for a while but ended when The Blue Meanie accidently Moonsaulted Richards, allowing Mikey the pin on Stevie. Dreamer got Beulah into the ring and put her over his knee and spanked her.

WINNERS: Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck via Pinfall.

Raven made an attempt at interference to help the Eliminators beat TPE to little avail. After Sandman pinned Cactus Jack in the main event, Raven and Richards came out to jump on Sandman, but Scorpio ran in for the save.

ECW TV: Raven/Heavenly Bodies Promo: (12.19.95) - Comments from the Heavenly Bodies about the Public Enemy. They've been hearing alot them down south they had to come up to see what it was about. Raven is there to add comments in that once the Bodies are done with TPE there are 2 less friends of Tommy Dreamer around.

ECW: December To Dismember: Ultimate Jeopardy: (12.09.95) - Ultimate Jeopardy is a Wargames type match pitting the teams of Raven, Stevie Richards, The Eliminators [Perry Saturn, John Kronus with Jason] and the Heavenly Bodies vs. Tommy Dreamer, The Pitbulls, and The Public Enemy. Before this, the participants will square off in three matches that would effect the advantage of Ultimate Jeopardy '95. Whichever team has members of its team take 2 of the 3 matches prior would have the advantage in Ultimate Jeopardy '95. The matches are:

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer.
The Pitbulls vs. The Eliminators
Public Enemy vs. The Heavenly Bodies.

STIPULATIONS are as follows:

  • If Public Enemy loses- they must face each other later in the night.
  • If the PitBulls lose, they must split up as a team and whoever pins them gets Francine for a week.
  • If Tommy Dreamer loses, his head gets shaved.
  • If Raven loses, whoever pins him gets Beulah for a week.
  • If the Eliminators lose, they must leave ECW and Jason's head gets shaved.
  • If Stevie Richards' loses, then the winning team gets 5 mins in the cage with him.
  • If the Heavenly Bodies lose, then all of the stipulations for their team - (Raven, Richards, Eliminators) are enforced.

    Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer - By this time, The Eliminators had won their match against The Pitbulls, so this match could secure Raven's advantage in Ultimate Jeopardy. Raven comes out with Beulah McGillicutty and the match gets underway. This match poured out into the stands and eventually up to the eagle's nest of the ECW Arena where Raven clocked Dreamer with a beer bottle. This sent the paramedics and Tod Gordon running, Dreamer is stretchered out and Raven gets the victory.

    WINNER: Raven via Pinfall.

    Ultimate Jeopardy: Raven, Stevie Richards, The Eliminators & The Heavenly Bodies vs. Tommy Dreamer, The Pitbulls & The Public Enemy - This is a Wargames style cage match. Raven's team had the advantage and it was supposed to be Raven versus Johnny Grunge. Dreamer comes out and says, "fuck that" and takes over for Grunge as Raven flees the cage. One of the Eliminators comes in and the match in under way. Eventually, Raven, Richards and both the Eliminator's were just beating on Dreamer and one of the Pit Bulls. Eventually, Raven handcuffed The Public Enemy and The Pitbulls to the ring apron just as Dreamer pinned Richards. Richards had to spend five minutes in the ring with the opposing team, but they were handcuffed and beaten so they couldn't do much of anything. As soon as Dreamer starts to kick ass, Raven interferes and everyone follows suit with Raven's team on top and Dreamer's forces laid out. Sandman then comes out and lays Raven and his team out with caneshots as they bail from the ring.

    WINNERS: Tommy Dreamer, The Pitbulls & The Public Enemy via Pinfall.

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