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ECW High Incident: Raven Appearance: The Sandman vs. 2 Cold Scorpio: (10.26.96) - This angle was never televised because of the nature of the imagery involved within it was deemed too controversial. ECW had Kurt Angle, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, at this event and the imagery offended him to where he didn't want to be involved with ECW Wrestling.

Tyler came out, hugged his dad, and then Raven came thru the crowd and hit Sandman with a chair. Raven pildrives Sandman through 2 tables. Enter Lori Fullington, Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Supernova. They proceed to tie Sandman to a wooden cross, giving him a barbed wire crown/halo around his head. They literally crucified the Sandman.

After intermission Raven came out saying he was told he was no longer welcome in the ECW Arena because of his actions earlier in the night. He said he was told by Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon that him not telling them what he was going to do - tie Sandman to a cross - was wrong and that he offended alot of people by using a religious symbol in that way and he apologized to the crowd.

The televised version of this incident was as follows:

Tyler was brought out to the ring and he gets a hug-- but no wait-- Raven comes in the front door, canes Sandman and DDT's the champ and Tyler takes off bringing us to the close of this week's show.

ECW: ECW World Heavyweight Title: Raven Mention: Stevie Richards vs The Sandman: (10.19.96) - As Sandman hits the ring area to his familiar entrance music, he accepts cans of beer from the crowd. Some of the stuff he drinks, some of it he shakes up in the can and sprays his fans with. Stevie takes the mic and rather uncharacteristically declares "Raven can kiss my ass." When I beat Sandman tonight and become ECW champion, then Raven can be MY fucking lackey. How do you like that?"

ECW: Ultimate Jeopardy '96: ECW World Heavyweight Title: Raven & Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman: (10.05.96) - This match has stipulations for every individual loss possible in the match-up:

  • - If Raven loses, he loses the ECW title.
  • - If Lee loses, his head is shaved.
  • - If Dreamer loses, Beulah must leave ECW.
  • - If Sandman loses, he gets caned.

    However, Raven was NOT at the ECW Arena when this card came up. The word came out that Raven had asked for a "Personal Leave of Absence" to take care of some personal issues.

    Rather than cancel or later the match, Stevie Richards was allowed to substitute for his boy Raven in this match. Essentially, he would be Raven's proxy, defending the ECW Title for him.

    Clip shown of Raven's "birth" on January 7, 1995. Styles then recapped Raven's feud over time with Dreamer and Sandman, with some clips included. One of them was Dreamer's crucifixion the night of the fire (10-28). Styles then said Raven had taken a "personal leave of absence" and Richards would take his place in Ultimate Jeopardy, tonight's TV main event. If Richards was to get pinned, Raven's belt would go to the winner.

    Dreamer and Sandman chugged beer before the bout, with Sandman even drinking some off of Beulah's breasts. Styles said Dreamer and Sandman were training hard for this match, with Dreamer benching 415 and Sandman drinking 2 cases a day. Dreamer and Sandman embraced before the bout. The match started tag-team style. Lee backdropped Dreamer and hit him with some fists. Beulah tripped up Lee, which allowed Dreamer to clothesline Lee to the outside. Then, all 4 started battling on the floor and we were done with tag-team rules. They paired off for the remainder of the match, with Dreamer fighting Lee and Sandman battling Richards. Dreamer and Lee went over the railing. Sandman suplexed a table onto Richards on the floor. Richards gained control back in the ring as Lee took Dreamer near the front door. Sandman hit Richards with some stiff chops. Lee threw Dreamer up the aisle and later crotched him with the railing, while Sandman missed the third of a series of clotheslines. The Blue Meanie immediately hit Sandman with a corner splash, and Stevie hit a Steviekick for 2. Richards then got reversed and thrown out as Lee and Dreamer took it to the ring. Lee hit Dreamer with a chair and then legdropped him with the chair on his head. Lee was again tripped by Beulah, but this time he pulled her up to the apron and actually HEADBUTTED her! Dreamer rolled up Lee immediately for 2. Styles said we almost saw a bald Brian Lee. Dreamer blocked an attempted Prime Time Slam and hit a DDT for 2. Lori Fullington broke up the count and as Dreamer prepared to whale her, Lee hit Dreamer from behind and got 2. Outside, somewhere along the way Sandman and Richards broke a table. Dreamer and Lee went over another railing and towards the side, with Lee throwing Dreamer off the bleachers and through one of the merchandise tables. Richards hit Sandman with a chair for 2 in the ring. Sandman reversed a piledriver into a backdrop. Lee and Dreamer were then seen fighting into the men's room. Sandman and Richards returned to the floor as well. Dreamer hit Lee with a chair and a trash can, and both were bleeding by now. They headed back out, with Lee being thrown into a wall for good measure. Sandman dropped the broken table onto Richards outside the ring. Lee regained control and those two headed up the aisle towards the entryway. Lee threw Dreamer into a wall and put a just-repaired hole in it. Sandman hit a somersault legdrop back in the ring for 2. Lee threw Dreamer several times into a vending machine, and Meanie and SuperNova were seen running by. Sandman hit a slingshot splash, called "Air Budweiser" by Styles. Lee took Dreamer up to the Crow's Nest as Nova and Meanie set up tables below. 3 tables were stacked, and Lee meanwhile was nailing Dreamer with anything he could get his hands on. Dreamer was then Prime Time Slammed through the tables, with two breaking and Dreamer tumbling backwards off of the second one. Dreamer was immediately attended to as back in the ring, Lori was interfering. Sandman stripped her before being rolled up for 2 by Richards. Steviekick for another 2. Lori hit Sandman hard with the cane for a pop, but he shook it off and prepared to DDT her, but Stevie kicked him in the back of the head for another long 2. Richards then got the cane and swung, but missed. Sandman hit a DDT for the 3 count and wins the ECW World Heavyweight Title for the 3rd time!

    WINNER and NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman via Pinfall.

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