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Raven on his 22-year long feud with Tommy Dreamer & how TNA kept him from being on ECW One Night Stand 2005
POSTED ON April 19 2017

Raven recorded a series of interviews on various wrestling topics with Title Match Wrestling over Wrestlemania 33 weekend in Orlando, FL. They will be releasing it in parts & in this installment he talks about how proud he is of his long feud with Tommy Dreamer and how he almost ended up on ECW One Night Stand 2005.

Did you know Raven was asked to work WWE's ECW One Night Stand back in 2005 when he was under contract with TNA? According to Raven (Scott Levy) he was initially granted the ok to work WWE's ECW pay-per-view but later, TNA refused to let him participate. The main event of the show saw the Dudleyz wrestle Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. What would have happened if Raven was booked?

We also asked Raven about his time in TNA and the ECW themed PPV they held years later. Raven and Tommy Dreamer fought each other on that show for the last time on national TV, although they still manage to battle each other at independent shows across the country.

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