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Raven featured on new WWE Fury Compilation for April 16th '15 times Superstars wielded unusual weapons' on Official WWE Youtube Channel
POSTED ON April 27 2017

Raven is featured on a brand new video on the official WWE YouTube channel at as part of the new WWE Fury weekly playlists.

For those who don't know, WWE Fury is a new playlist that highlights interesting or cool move compilations. The official description states, "Get your adrenaline pumping with WWE Fury, the most action-packed collection of hard-hitting moves and breath-taking athleticism you’ll see all week! Tune in every Sunday for more WWE Fury."

The video Raven is mentioned in is entitled "15 times Superstars wielded unusual weapons:" and the description states, "Forget tables, ladders and chairs. This edition of WWE Fury celebrates the most unconventional foreign objects to come into play in the ring, including the kitchen sink."

The kitchen sink reference is a reference to Raven's appearance in the video, in a clip from WCW Spring Stampede where Raven clocks now-WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page with a kitchen sink during their WCW United States Championship Title Match on April 19, 1998, It is the only move referenced from WCW or out of current continuity in the video. You can see the full match on the WWE Network or check out a clip here from the WWE's Youtube channel:

Here's a bonus WWE video on Raven from the past year as well; "Five Superstars Who Won Titles in WWE, WCW, and ECW" from their 5 Things playlist

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