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POSTED ON November 16 2017

A new episode of The Raven Effect podcast on The Jericho Network is now posted up on PodCastOne. Check it out at!-LIVE!-LIVE!

Yes, its the LIVE! episode of The Raven Effect podcast from the Improv in Hollywood! It is the most fun ever had at a podcast taping ever according to Raven, Busby & everyone there! The audience, supplied w/ noisemakers by RAVEN, becomes the Greatest Audience in human history; fan character suggestions from Twitter are turned into actual characters with storylines; the Disco Inferno's idiotic creation "The Invisible Man" is booked; we learn what the old school saying "red equals green" means; Busby goes into the crowd to get their questions and shines like a star of the highest magnitude... yet somehow also manages to behave dickishly and of course all the usual perversions.

You had to be there!

5 Stars Audience
5 Stars R & B (Raven & Busby)?
4 Stars Shawn the producer - he forgot to bring the cookies;
1 Star Raven's fire-breathing Goat who burnt down the living room while Raven was out of town.

Send in your comments and questions to

Send in your comments and questions to and you might get your letter read on the show!

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