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Raven so on fire, Busbyís dickishness canít put it out - The Raven Effect on Westwood One for February 19th!
POSTED ON February 20 2018

The Raven Effect is back for February 19th on the new home of the Jericho Network at Westwood One at - check out the latest episode embedded below!

Raven creates greatest (worst?) tag team ever; Rotten impressions galore; Name game 1 - Rick and Morty; Name game 2 - it's a doozy; Name game 3 Busby's impressions - it's a don'ty; new original Raven song; Raven's man crush, ruined by Busby; dissection of Rockhold vs Romero; viewer mail; quote of the day; Raven almost plugs some bookings, xenophobia runs wild, recommendations are made, and of course all the usual perversions.

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