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JCW: Gathering of the Juggalos 2009: Bloodymania III: Raven (w/Tommy Rich) vs. Sabu (09.07.09) - Raven made his way out to the ring first, although the announcer introduced him as Sabu from Bombay, India. Raven visibly annoyed asked for the microphone and ripped into the announcer. A crowd member hit Raven with some debris, so Raven used Rich as a debris shield while he ripped into the crowd, stating Rich's feuds were almost but quite as his feuds with Tommy Dreamer. He introduces Sabu, who now sports a shaved head. Sabu and Raven brawl for a bit before Raven goes to the outside to confer with Rich. Raven grabs a chair and then heads back into the ring. Sabu takes it, tosses it at Raven then whips Raven against the ropes and clotheslines him against the chair for a pinfall attempt. Sabu whips Raven against the turnpost then hits a body splash. The ref breaks it up Sabu backs off, but then hits another splash which results in a ref bump as Raven pulls him in the way to absorb the blow. Sabu hits a couple of axehandle smashes to Raven's back then locks in a camel clutch. Tommy Rich then come sin the ring, ostensibly to help Raven, but instead hits him in the face. Raven is on his knees, Rich punches Raven again, Sabu then punches Rich, who falls out of the ring. Sabu goes to the outside to look for a table, Raven recovers and they struggle for control of the table. Raven gets the table and sets it up in the ring and they both fight over control. Sabu sets Raven up on the table, goes for a top rope legdrop, but table does not break. Raven recovers, sets Sabu up goes for a 2nd rope elbow drop, Sabu ducks out of the way and Raven goes through the table and Sabu gets a 3 count for the win.

WINNER: Sabu via Pinfall


VCW: VCW Championship: Raven vs. Preston Quinn (09.02.09) - Raven defeated Preston Quinn to win the VCW Heavyweight Championship with the help of former champion Q-Sic.After the match Raven and Larry Zbyszko argued back and forth with Raven challenging Larry or anyone he can find on Sept. 5, 2009.

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