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Resistance Pro: Raven Appearance: (11.30.12) - Former WWF/WWE star, Funaki, came to the ring to become "Resistance Pro #1 announcer" and he did the honors of introducing Jake the Snake Roberts. Jake is an absolute legend in the wrestling business and in his prime he was one of the best of all time. Sadly in more recent times Jake was more well-known for battling his "personal demons" and losing as was well documented in Beyond the Mat. Jake got his act together, is getting back in shape and showed up looking better than he has in over a decade. He got a huge ovation from the crowd as he walked to the ring carrying a bag containing his live snake. Jake seemed truly humbled by the reception he got and he thanked everyone for it as he said he felt lucky to not only be there but to be on track of getting his life back. Raven came out to interrupt and the two did some amusing insulting of each other before they were both interrupted by Ashton Vuitton and Eric St. Vaughn. Ashton took the mic and fumbled getting it to turn on which gave Raven the opportunity to get a real zinger in which got the whole crowd laughing. Ashton was disgusted that he came all the way to the arena only to not be given a match because these two "has-beens" were given the time that should have been his. Ashton insulted both of them and then challenged the two to face Eric and him. Raven laughed and said he could do it alone and the two had Raven pinned in a corner at which point he admitted to Jake that he could actually use a hand. Jake pulled Ashton off of Raven which gave Raven enough slack to fend off Eric and lay him out. Jake grabbed Ashton and DDT'd him which got a gigantic pop from the audience. Raven then took the two unconscious men and piled them on top of each other in a compromising position as Jake unbagged the snake and draped it over them as he pulled open Eric's trunks for the snake to slither inside! The crowd went crazy for this as Jake grabbed the snake and exited the ring, as did Raven, leaving the other two shell-shocked.


Extreme Rising: Remember November - (11.17.12) Raven came out and said that people probably wonder why he's here when he trashed the show the first time. He said that Extreme should have died when it did and it doesn't need to come back. He said no one needs to be here. He said that it was a revolution at the time and it can't be done again. He said that it was his genius that allowed Paul Heyman to do what he did.

Raven said that because he isn't lending his genius to it. He realizes that if you can't beat em, join 'em and he'll destroy it from the inside. He said that he'll do whatever he can and use whatever weapons he has to do it. He said that he was supposed to fight Gary Wolfe but Wolfe was "too much of a p***y" to show up, so now that he's explained himself, he's leaving.

Raven got all the way to the locker room when Stevie Richards came out and backed him back to the ring. Raven asked him what he has to say. Richards said he wanted to say what everyone is thinking, "shut the f*** up." He said that he's disgusted by Raven and said that Raven can still call him kid but he's a man and he's going to be the first Extreme Rising champion.

Raven said if that's the case, he's going to take the belt and spank Stevie the way he always has. Richards said that's the problem, he just wanted to take down something good and positive. He said that he's going to carry the company and do more than Raven ever did in his career. Richards said that they haven't wrestled since 1997. Raven said that he won. Richards said that he did, but isn't it time for a rematch.

Richards challenged Raven to face him in a Loser Leaves Town match, saying if he can't beat Raven, he doesn't want to be here. Raven accepted and began to walk out. Richards said he wanted the match right now. Raven said that if he does...and nailed Richards with the mic.

RAVEN VS. STEVIE RICHARDS - Raven said they aren't going to have a match but a fight. He choked Richards and beat him with a series of right hands in the corner. Richards came back with a series of right hands when a bunch of wrestlers hit the ring. They said it was the new Flock.

Richards began nailing Steviekicks and a Steviebomb. Raven disappeared from the scene. Richards asked where he was and said that when he's done, the fans will never, ever have to see Raven again.

WINNER: No Contest


Extreme Rising Promo: (11.15.12) - Raven cut a video promo to promote the Extreme Rising November to Remember anniversary event. Raven played the heel in the video, talking about how hardcore wrestling is dead and he's going to show up to make fans move on with their lives:

Stevie Richards later did a rebuttal video, challenging Raven to step up in order to possibly set up a feud between the two of them.

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