a sentiment from the heart

i am married. i have been. since january. i've heard the speculation and the innuendo yet why haven't i confirmed or denied it? because its mine. not yours.

my friends know. they think she's perfect.

whether you knew about it or not is not the issue. i wasn't gonna prostitute or cheapen it myself, like some celebrity whore who sells the photo rights to the national enquirer so they can "get over" at a piece of their soul's expense. some things are simply more valuable than that.

there were vicious lies printed about her after the ceremony, caused by petty people, that broke my heart. i felt by fighting them i'd have to share her, plus that would just encourage the drama. i wanted the first six months at least, to be ours, and i realized the only way to win sometimes, was just not to play the game. ultimately, regardless of what anybody else thinks, i know the truth, and that's really all that matters.

contrary to appearances on my site, i am not against people discussing my personal life. that was put up by people who believed they were acting in my best interest and were hoping to prevent more lies from being spread, which for the thought i'm very grateful. i don't believe in censorship. that is partly why i bring my marriage up now and potentially risk more of the same, but i think more highly of you than that, and hopefully you've got it all out of your systems.

mainly however, i bring it up because I Love Her, and i'm proud to be her husband.

Nuff Said

p.s. and oh yeah, she's fucking gorgeous

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